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Yonanas Healthy Ice Cream Maker Giveaway! Ends 06/16/14

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Tales From A Southern Mom was delighted to work with Yonanas, in reviewing their Yonanas Banana Ice Cream Maker.
This concept is something that almost all moms and healthy eaters can get behind, and it even speaks to those that are frugal. You take frozen bananas, you know the black ones that get forgotten on the counter or behind something, and you put them in this machine and it makes ice cream! OK, maybe not real ice cream but it certainly makes a fantastic frozen treat that is really good for you!

My daughter, who is very pregnant, is always craving something that is not healthy for her. This machine made it easy for her to have “ice cream” without having all of the fat and calories. It made a sweet, smooth, great tasting treat for after dinner or anytime.

We actually took the frozen banana ice cream and put a little bit of chocolate syrup on it, and the taste was very similar to chocolate covered bananas. The best part of this is the kids can eat this every night. Fruit is not something I think I have ever heard of a mom not wanting their families to eat more of, this makes you both happy! They get a frozen ice cream treat and you get more fruit in them.


The Yonanas machine itself comes apart easily and washes even easier with a swish and a rinse, and then its ready to go for the next time. There was not a very loud noise to it and it is compact enough to leave out on the counter. If you are like me, if something is in my cupboard it is easy to forget about it.

They included a great little recipe book for all kinds of treats made with different fruits. You can put strawberries, blueberries, pretty much any frozen fruit in any combination to make a variety of flavors and consistencies.

I cannot wait to make this treat more often as the weather is getting warmer now and it is so refreshing to have a frozen dessert. The flavor will surprise you, and I think you will like it.

ice creamCheck out the website here and get one for yourself or as a gift. You wont be throwing away brown bananas anymore, instead you may be buying them more bruised! Check out the Yonanas Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for more ideas and recipes
The wonderful folks at Yonanas is offering one of our readers the chance to win a Yonanas Ice Cream Maker of their very own! Enter below and Good Luck!!
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  1. Deb K

    Yonanas Banana Ice Cream Maker Giveaway! 6/16~DebsHere


  2. Carol Clark

    i love blueberrys

  3. Cassie Hayes

    My favorite fruit is strawberries.

  4. Kristina Faricelli

    My favorite fruit would be blueberries! I just can’t get enough of them before they are out of season.

  5. kj skib

    I love bananas and strawberries.

  6. Tonya

    My favorite fruit is bananas!

  7. April M

    I love nearly all fruits! Mango is one of my favorites lately.

  8. Bethany

    blueberries and mango


    Pineapple !!!!!!! TY

  10. Gayle S

    Raspberries are one of my favorite fruits.

  11. debra p


  12. Kimarie Stebbins

    My favorite fruit is fresh pineapple.

  13. Bridget lacey

    Bananas. I have to eat one every day!! Although I love all fruit!

  14. Lisa cress

    favorite fruit is watermelon

  15. Heather Sanford


  16. Heather Heslep Morrissey


  17. Ramona Kako

    Yum. Perfect for a hot Arizona summer treat.

  18. Hey Jen

    Dragonfruit is my favorite.

  19. Pat

    My favorite fruit is strawberries.

  20. Lisa Connor

    My favorite fruit is Grapefruit, but I like every single fruit that is out there basically except from actual kiwi.

  21. chaya


  22. Shirley Martin-Tutolo

    my favorite fruit is any kind of berry.

  23. Jen B

    My favorite fruit is blueberries!

  24. Jennifer (robbins) A.

    My favorite fruit is grapefruit!

  25. Vera S

    My favorite fruit is peaches. :)

  26. sheri anderson

    I love bananas and strawberries best, thanks!

  27. tami

    My kids and I eat blueberries by the bucketfull :)

  28. MaryAnn Casey

    I love nectarines.

  29. AmyKathryn

    My favorite fruit is strawberries, closely followed by kiwis and bananas.

  30. Neticia Fanene

    My favorite fruit is mango!

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