Fellowes Laminator Giveaway 09/16




I love this laminator!  I really love is the things I can do with it. If we were at the point of doing homeschool, I would be so excited about this, I can think of a million things to do for back to school. I have a milion things to do with it and I just have a preschooler.

Fellowes, sent me a L80-95 Laminator starter kit and it is small and versatile for more of your home and homeschooling needs.  It has the following features for you.L80_95_Black_LP

  • User-friendly laminator for the home or home office
  • 9-1/2″ entry width accommodates multiple document sizes
  • Laminates documents and photos in 3-mil hot pouches
  • 5-mil compatible for documents that are index card size or smaller
  • Ready in 3 minutes
  • Release lever disengages pouch for re-centering or removal
  • Includes laminating starter kit

I found that it was simple to learn and easy to use, and it has an auto shut off, which is so important when you are a busy mom!  I loved how easy it was to use and how well it worked for us.

L80-95 Life 2 I am a die-hard crocheter and knitter, and anyone who has done these crafts knows that keeping track of which row and round your on can be a pain. In a way we are very lucky that we have access to thousands of patterns for free online, and this allows us to have lots more fun!  I used to print out the pages and fold them up and put them in my project bag and every where I went I ended up with a bunch of papers that were wrinkles, and caught up in the yarn.  Now, I print them out and laminate them and put them in the bag and they are awesome.  Not folded not bunched up and not caught up on the yarn.   The other part I love about this is when making socks you often do two rows over and over again up the length of the sock, and you need to keep track of it. I love that when I finish a row i use a washable marker and cross it off. Done, no questions and a heck of a lot less ripping projects out.  Now anybody who knits has yarn, ok a lot of yarn and I can use this to put the color name, the content of the yarn, and the lot number so if I need more or want to sell or trade it, I can find all that I have in that colorway quickly.


We have little kids here and a lot of adults and we all have different schedules.  We laminated a calendar and put it on the fridge.  We can use it for notes, who has dinner duty, who’s laundry day it is all kinds of things.  It has really made it easier to organize and communicate.

Our almost three yr old is all over coloring and drawing and making shapes and draws one line then wants a new paper, as you all know this is how kids do it.  I took a few shapes put them on paper and let her have a WASHABLE marker, it wipes off and she can use it over and over again! Its simply awesome!

I did not think I needed a laminator but now that I have one, I am not going back to life with out one!  So, now the question is how about you? how are you going to use a laminator? What projects do you want to do?

If you want to purchase a laminator check out the Fellowes Web Site and see which one is best for you! If you would like this one, you can go to Amazon.com and buy it, its on sale for 29.99 and right now they have a coupon for $6.00 off which makes it $23.99, that is a GREAT DEAL!    If you want to win one, you can enter the great giveaway that Fellowes is sponsoring here, to win the LS 80-95 laminator. $59.99 ARV.



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  1. Chelsea says

    I teach preschool special education and we create visuals all the time. I have a laminator but it is so old!! A new one would be awesome.

  2. Darla Peduzzi says

    I would use it for pictures and papers I saved for my daughter. There are so many things I’d also use it for. One that comes to mind is my recipes.

  3. Jenni Jones says

    I would laminate ALL the things! I would laminate calendars and “homework” papers, so they can be used as dry erase boards. I would laminate my certifications and important documents, too!


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